Renee grew up as an Air Force brat travelling the world with her family and moving every couple of years, until her family retired in British Columbia.

Never staying long enough in one place to make friends, she fell in love with being alone and became quite introverted.

Moving out on her own at seventeen years old, she always had a job as her biggest fear was ending up homeless.

Renee has worked as a corporate paralegal for over 30 years and has been head hunted by major law firms due to her knowledge of the law and ability to complete million dollar transactions while making the work look easy and effortless.

She had her two children late in life when her friends were putting their children into college.

Renee realized in her 50’s that she had to find another source of income to be able to quit her job, travel the world with her children and leave a legacy of helping people go after their dreams regardless of their age or education.

Renee had never been a risk taker until the thought of not having enough money for her and her children to live a life of freedom became scarier than taking risks.

Renee ventured into network marketing and then discovered high ticket affiliate marketing.  She fell in love with a community and an industry.  She has also fallen in love with daily personal development which has allowed her to become her authentic self and less of an introvert and more of an extrovert.

The learning curve of internet marketing was rough at the beginning with many days and nights of frustration and overwhelm; however, instead of giving up on her vision and dreams, she decided to shorten her learning curve and started to invest in herself and her intellectual capital.

Having one on one access to 6 & 7 figure earners, she followed and is duplicating a system that many people who have never made a sale on-line are having success with.


She went from stuck, struggling and overwhelm to consistently showing up on the company leader boards for weekly and monthly leads and sales.

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