Five Questions To Ask To Qualify A Solo Ad Vendor

There are five questions you should be asking to qualify a solo ad vendor before doing a test run with him or her.

  • Ask the Vendor when was the last time they sent an offer from your company to their list and make sure it was at least 2-3 weeks prior to avoid their list being unresponsive to your ad.

  • Ask the Vendor if they can use your ad swipe copy (for congruency purposes).  Some may already have the swipe copy if they do many ads for other people in your company and know your capture pages.  However, I would still ask to see the swipe before you commit to the ad.

  • Ask for 85% TTT (Top Tier Traffic) meaning the 5 five English speaking countries – USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ.

  • Ask the Vendor what is the time delay that it will take to provide the clicks or how long it will take to fulfill on your order.  For any packages under 1,000 clicks, they should be able to provide them to you within 72 hours.

  • Ask the Vendor about pricing per click and then negotiate and ask for 20% under what they are asking for.  Never pay more than .70 per Top Tier click.

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  • Glen Adams

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    Thanks for the webinar the other night and you said to go into your blog and look around, I did and Thank you

    • Renee

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      Great to hear. Thanks for stopping by.

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