Haters Anger Has Nothing To Do With Me

Haters are gonna hate

Haters are always going to hate on something or someone.

Yesterday, I had one guy who was insisting I was with a company that he felt he had been scammed by.

I asked him for the details.

He said he went through the 21 modules of what he had paid for and then decided it was not for him.

He did not take any action on any of the modules, he said he did not do anything, not even send out one email.

I am not sure what the training entailed and what actions he should have taken however the point is, he did not go through one third or two thirds of the modules, he completed all the modules and then asked for a refund which he was denied.

I imagine like any money back guarantee in the internet world, you would have to have taken some action and show proof of that action, proof that you had actually done something and gotten no results.

I know of the company he was referring to, however, have never been with them nor do I know anything about them.  I told this man that.

He then called me a liar and said I was with that company maybe pretending I wasn’t and sent me a link and then told me I was clearly uneducated because I could not figure out how to open up the link he sent to me.

At this point, I told him three words and deleted him from my e-mail list.

He then messaged me back and told me if I wanted to make more sales, I should remove my picture from my email.

All his anger and hate had really nothing to do with me.


He was angry at himself for doing nothing and expecting a different result.

He is typical of people that are looking for a get rich scheme.

They sign up for something, they watch part of what they paid for or watch nothing at all and then they scream to the world they have been scammed.

They are frustrated at themselves because they keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

The truth is internet marketing is work.

You may not see any results immediately so you keep planting and nurturing your seeds, duplicating what someone else has done to have the success that you want.

You can bet the success stories you hear about all have a back story of days and nights of frustration and little to no results.  But they stuck with it until they got some sort of momentum and then ran with it.

Don’t be the person who is three feet from the gold and then you stop digging.

Stick with one thing, learn it from someone who is having results, duplicate them, their actions, their daily tasks and you see results.

For sure, you will have to tweak what you are doing along the way, and this is where a coach or mentor can shorten your learning curve, help you to see what they see because of them having been there and stuck with it until they had their success.

You can do it the long way or the short way.

Stick with it.

You deserve it, Your family deserves it.

To mutual success,

Renee Rushton

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