How Renee Rushton Made $5,500 In One Week, And $3,500 In A Single Day

How Renee Rushton Made $5,500 In One Week, And $3,500 In A Single Day

Before I started with The Super Affiliate Network, I had been buying product after product and coaching programs that were one program fits all.

I was spending money with little return on my investments and time I could never get back. I felt like I was the dumb person who could not figure out how to make money with a product that everyone else seemed to be having success with. So the most obvious thing for me to do was buy another product with a promise of success attached to it thus creating shiny object chasing for months and years.

After spending thousands and thousands of dollars, finding traffic and getting leads was still a mystery to me.

Since joining The Super Affiliate Network, I have learned that traffic is everywhere and I now know how to find it. I am generating leads every day, adding people to my e-mail list, learning the proper way to follow up with my e-mail list and making more money in one week than I have ever made in a month on-line.

I immediately saw the value in getting positioned to earn big, and immediately went ALL IN with The Maui Intensive Coaching and Mentorship Program.

The best part about joining The Super Affiliate Network is not only am I learning skills that I can use in any business I am involved in, I am learning how to become a marketer and a leader.

Now months later, I am already making big backend $1,000 and $3,500+ commissions!

Check-out my congrats call below to find out exactly how I am doing it, and more importantly, exactly how you can duplicate the result for yourself starting as soon as next week.

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Renee Rushton

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