The Importance Of Character In Your Marketing

The Importance Of Character In Your Marketing


In today’s post I want to talk about content… and specifically, creating content. And I want to talk about a key differentiator in determining whether your content will be consumed by your audience on a regular basis… whether they will tune in and listen you will you… and eventually buy from you.

So an important thing that I’ve noticed and have come to realize is that here seems to be too much emphasis on content, content, content… when I’m reading the various e-mails, blog posts, and listening to podcasts and other broadcasts from many marketers that I personally follow.

I’m not seeing enough emphasis on the differentiators within that content that determines whether or not the content gets read… is taken seriously… and builds goodwill with readers. This, of course, is a craft that you must learn to engineer within your own marketing.

So I know specifically in my own personal experience, whenever I can email from a certain person, or a certain five different people, I immediately open the email…read it…and click the links within the email… based on the relationship that they’ve built with me.

But the content itself isn’t necessarily what builds the relationship.

Usually the character behind the content… the attractive character, the back story of the person, what the person stands for, what the person stands against… is what ultimately builds the relationship. It’s the similarities I have with that individual. The struggles, the pains, the frustration that that individual has dealt with…and has overcome… are things that I can relate to and learn from, and that’s why I feel connection or bond with that individual.

But the only reason I know what those things are is because that person has told me his or her story, they’ve expressed their views on the world… they’ve taken their marketing beyond just the creation of content.

Is their content good? … yeah, of course… their content is usually awesome because they are implementing content around character building and the attractive character. So sure, they are good enough marketers to put out good content, but the primary reason that I consume their content, is because of the character behind the content.

And how you get really good at creating a super strong bond with your audience is by getting really good at telling your story…getting really good at being polarizing… and becoming really good at expressing your views on the world… what you stand for, what you stand against, and who you are and represent in the marketplace. Whether you’re a leader, or a reluctant hero who doesn’t really want to be in the spotlight, but knows that the information they have needs to be out in the world… so they are there and they are helping people.

Building that persona that people can follow… think of it as like the TV show Californication, that ran for several years in Showtime. The main character, Hank Moody, he just sort of goes along and struggles through life on a day to day basis… you can kind of relate to him to a certain extent. You can feel like you are kind of there with him as he goes through his adventures and the sort of soap opera that he goes through on a daily basis. But the bond that you might have with this type of character, can be extremely deep… and that’s why you continue to tune in and watch. And that is what you want to achieve in your marketing.

So I would highly recommend going ahead and studying the attractive character. There is a reason of why I’m always telling my story There is a reason I sometimes scorn refunders, and speak very highly of those who invest in themselves and show that they are very serious about their business… and in doing so I’m showing what I stand for… and what I stand against.

There’s a reason why I reference my leadership abilities based on the fact that I’m looking to build a persona as a leader in the marketplace. And when you do those things, your audience knows you on a larger level based on your back story… they know who you are as an individual and they can relate to you… and as a result they continuously tune in and consume your content.

So in closing, if you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend that you check out and study the attractive character… implement it in your business… and you will find that it will have a huge positive effect on your business.

Much Success,

Renee Rushton

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