The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion Event

The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion Event

On April 21 – 23, 2017, I attended a free event in Maui, Hawaii sponsored by a multiple 7 figure earner, Misha Wilson.

Misha, the CEO of The Super Affiliate Network, sponsored a 2 day workshop and along with his top affiliate 6 figure earners, taught the following workshops:

  • Solo Ad Marketing

  • Sales Funnel Creation (a hands on workshop where we created our complete affiliate sales funnel)

  • Identifying Our Unique Selling Proposition

  • Irresistible Bonus and Offer Creation

  • Daily Method Of Operation of a Top Earner in The Super Affiliate Network

  • Video Profit Formula

  • Market Research on Your Attractive Character

  • Buyer follow up

Here are my 12 top takeaways and best learnings from this workshop:

1. Decide your end goal and work backwards.

2. Your most valuable asset is your buyer’s list.

3. Every piece of marketing is an exchange of value.

4. There are 3 types of traffic: cold, warm and hot (hot are people who have bought from you and will buy again).

5. Why some capture pages convert and other’s don’t.

6. The differences between surface level desires (e.g.: traffic and money) and core level desires (e.g.: time freedom and family).

7. Why you want to pre-qualify your prospects.

8. The magic of follow up.

9. Consult funnel positioning and why it works so well.

10. Why webinars will propel your business.

11. Email list management and why you should be cleaning your list every 30-60 days.

12. How to win back email subscribers.

Much Success,

Renee Rushton

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