Webinars Are For Selling

Day 2 of our Maui Intensive at the LA Edition, we learned that webinars are by far the most powerful medium for you to tap into in your business for one primary reason.


They are a “one to many” style of communication so you can communicate with hundreds of people at once but then at the same time they are very personal.

You can solve people’s problems live and you can give them one on one attention just like you would in having that person on a phone call but with hundreds of other people on the webinar live with you, which of course equates to more sales when you present an offer to 100 people versus just one.

So, within each webinar presentation (or sales presentation), you always want to sell one main idea.

Your offer should the a done for you solution based on what you spent time training on during the webinar.

If you want to know more about webinars and if done properly, how they can increase your income, leave a comment or send me a private message.

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