Why Bother Posting On Social Media?

Why Bother Posting On Social Media?

Do you sometimes feel like you are wasting your time posting on Facebook, on Instagram, making blog posts or putting your videos on YouTube?

Even when you think people are not watching you because they never like or comment on anything you post on social media is no reason to stop what you are doing.

People may be watching you for weeks, months and years to see if you are showing up consistently.

90 percent of social media users are lurkers.  Only 10 percent of all people that use Facebook actually engage on content.

There are so many people in the internet marketing space that are here one month and gone the next.

Show up.  Be consistent.  Bring value to people’s lives.

Help solve pains and problems and people will follow you wherever you are.

To Mutual Success,

Renee Rushton

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